Sep 10th Maintenance Upgrade and Migration On Host1.

Maintenance Upgrade and Migration of Files to Another New Upgraded Servers! Upgrade is one of the important part to secure your servers from loops that can be penetrated by hackers and malicious activities, due to outdated servers scripts and applications. And make it work efficiently with better performance. SmartWeb is set to upgrade Host1 ... Read More »

Aug 9th New Transfer and Restoration Fee on .ng Domains!

It has been long that .ng domain transfer attract the same domain fee or any any value as transfer fee, transfer of .ng domains was not free. For example, here is N1300 renewal and and another N1300 for a transfer.  All will be N2600 to transfer domain to us. Comparing to the process of .com and other domains this is highly ... Read More »

Jun 10th Chat Have Been Back Online.

Dear Customers,Thank you for always working with us.Our chat communication have been back online.  All necessary upgrades have been done to achieve an effective communication for your satisfaction.We apologize once again for any intermittent error witnessed in the past 72 hours.We always promise to give you our best services and innvations to ... Read More »

Jun 6th Importance of Making Regular and Multiple Backup?

Your Websites contained valuable information about what you do and sometime more valuable than the money you have. Because you can struggle to earn money anywhere but some important files and records cannot found anywhere. Some files cannot be retrieved forever. The resources used to gather all the information, like time, funds, sleepless nights ... Read More »