How can I use my Reseller Account

Our reseller accounts allow you to create and manage your own hosting customers via the Web Host Manager control panel.

Web Host Manager (WHM) is the main control panel that controls every aspect of your reseller account.

Each account you create in WHM, gets a secondary control panel, which is intended for your customers to use. This control panel is called Cpanel. It is in Cpanel, that the day to day aspects of your client accounts can be performed. This includes, adding and removing email addresses, mysql databases, parking additional domains, and much more.

Your own reseller account also has it's own Cpanel, in addition to access to the master WHM control panel. You will find information on how to reach Cpanel and log into it, in your setup email.

WHM gives you the ability to choose the amount of space and bandwidth you wish to allot to your customers, as well as what features you wish to provide.

Functionally, the only real difference between your own master reseller account and the accounts you create in WHM, is that you have access to the master WHM control panel and your clients do not. Everything else is the same by default.

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