External Backup Services.

External backup services are services offering to handle backup storage for data of your site. You can store and backup your site files and databases on any of such services.

It means that apart from the backup you have on your hosting account, you can have another backup residing on a different server and it can help you in retaining your data and files intact.

As you know, it is your responsibility to backup your data. You can have many backups copies of your site or database to make sure you secure your data.

SmartWeb is doing a great job in keeping your backup on the monthly and weekly basics, even though is not part of the services offer but we offer that as a courtesy to our clients. You ought to have an offline copy, as well as a copy on another server.

We recommend that you two or more backup copies of your site and database. The site backup, offline backup, and another backup on another server.

Your website backup is the backup set on our servers to keep backups at intervals of two to three days, weekly, monthly backup. Note that these backups are replaced with new backups. It may not stay for a long period of time. You may likely have two backups within the week or within the month. These backups are very good to replace instantly missing data.

Offline backup is a backup you save offline on your system or later uploaded to any drive store for safe-keeping. This backup can save you from a heart attack when you cannot find a back on the running server or backup got corrupted or backup contained the missing data or infections. Note that the server backup a site's current files, if the data is good, bad, or missing (deleted or infected) the server makes a backup, as its primary instruction is to make a backup of the site's files no matter the status.

External Backup Service can help you from every stress caused by missing files, infections, hacking and related incidence. It can backup your site's content at the same time scan to remove malware and viruses on your site. it can monitor any changes on your site and act instantly or based on the scanning schedule. It's flexible and recommended for your site security and backup.

For external backup storage follow this link to purchase: https://smartweb.com.ng/codeguard.html

For external site security, scanning, and virus free backup storage follow this link to purchase: https://smartweb.com.ng/sitelock.html

Note that if your backup capacity reached 10GB, the system will automatically stop backing up your files. You should go for an external backup.

SmartWeb Team

Monday, June 28, 2021

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