Can I create my own plan sizes and pricing on my reseller account? Yes, you can! A Cpanel/WHM reseller account can be set up in a number of different ways.... Can I give SSH to my clients? No, we don't allow this. While we allow you (as a reseller) SSH access with a valid reason, for... Can I personalize Cpanel for my own company name? Yes, you can. To accomplish this, you can use the Cpanel branding feature, as explained here:... Do my clients get WHM? Since WHM is a control panel for you to control your own clients in, no your clients don't get... How Reseller Create New Account? How Reseller Create New Account A reseller here is having a WHM to manage the reseller... How can I use my Reseller Account Our reseller accounts allow you to create and manage your own hosting customers via the Web Host... How do I change my user's password in WHM? You can change passwords for any account in your WHM by clicking on the 'password modification'... How do I login to WebHostManager? In order to use Web Host Manager to manage your resold users or create new accounts, first you'll... How do my clients access their accounts Each account you create, can be reached in the same ways you see in your setup email for your... How does the Cpanel Branding feature work? How to Update Nameservers from the Client Area! A domain name cannot be registered without a valid nameservers, you can assign nameservers when... I changed my client's password and now he/she can't login to FTP. What gives? Sometimes, the FTP passwords get knocked out of whack when you change an account password. If... I just added a domain and it doesn't work. Why? The domains that you add in WHM are still subject to at least 48 hours propagation time. That... Is there a master login that I can use for all of my resold accounts? Yes, you can log in to any of your accounts with the password to your reseller account.   Should I put a www in front of the domain when I create an account? No, you should never do this. Where it says 'domain', please enter just with no www.... What Cpanel skin do you recommend for my clients? We recommend the BlueLagoon theme. Yes, the X skin is a bit snazzier looking, but BlueLagoon is... What are the POP and SMTP settings for my clients? The POP and SMTP settings for your clients are either the IP address you find in your setup... What is WebHostManager? WebHost Manager is your reseller control center. WHM is used to set up and manage accounts,... What is the path to my client's public_html The path to public_html for all accounts created with Web Host Manager is:... What is the skeleton directory? The skeleton directory is a basic layout that WHM uses for all accounts that you create under... What nameservers do my clients use? Your clients should use the same nameservers that are detailed in your setup email, If your... Who supports my hosting clients? While we do offer any support that you might need with your reseller account, we don't get... Will you handle billing for my customers? We don't get involved in billing for your customers. This way, you are free to charge whatever...
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