PHP Settings that Cannot be Changed

PHP Settings that cannot be changed


Shared and Reseller hosting are shared environments and have certain limits on what can be changed in order to maintain the stability and security of the server. Dedicated Server and VPS customers may change all the settings in the php.ini file and do not have the same limits as Shared and Reseller hosting.

Shared and Reseller Hosting


PHP has been configured to use the following settings on our shared and reseller servers:


safe mode = Off (cannot adjust)

memory_limit = 128M (MAXIMUM)

max_execution_time = 30 (MAXIMUM in seconds)

max_input_time = 60 (MAXIMUM in seconds)

post_max_size = 64M (MAXIMUM)

upload_max_filesize = 100M (MAXIMUM)

enable_dl = Off (cannot adjust)


The above settings either CANNOT be changed or exceeded on Shared and Reseller accounts. These limits are set to prevent extremely high resource usage in shared environments. We have found that a majority of the PHP scripts will work within these limits, and the scripts that require more resources are best suited for a VPS or dedicated server.

Dedicated Servers and VPS

Dedicated servers and VPS can change and raise these settings to any value desired.

Dedicated Server and VPS customers with WHM access can change the limit by going to WHM > Service Configuration > PHP Configuration Editor.

Important Note: Although you have the ability to change the settings on a dedicated server or VPS to anything you want, an incorrectly configured server will perform poorly or even crash. Unless you have specific reasons to change the PHP settings, it is recommended that you leave them at the default settings or use the recommended settings for the script or application you are using.

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