How to Update DNS Records from Cpanel

You can update all the DNS records from the cpanel, the Cname, A records, MX records, TXT records and all.

To update anyof these records you have to login to the cpanel, under domains there is Advanced DNS Zone Editor and Simple DNS Zone Editor.

From Advanced DNS Zone Editor you have a form to file and submit, it contained name; TTL; Type and address.

Name: is the host name given.

TTL: is a time to leave values, always a number.

Type: is the type of record to update, be it A records, Cname, Mx record or such.

Address: is the value and always a name like or as example of blogger.

You can make the same update to map your site to an ip on Simple DNS Zone Editor.

Note that you may have different records and values or multiple records, all can be added but same records cannot be added. And if you don't know what you are updating, you better take the Simple DNS Zone Editor to avoid error as the Advanced DNS Zone Editor allow editting existing records.

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