A brief look into the Webmail packages offered... We provide you with the ability to not just have an email address, but we also provide three... Can you forward all my email to a separate email address? If so, how do I do it? Yes, we can forward all your mail to anywhere you like using the control panel. Just login and... Do you limit the amount of mails I can send per hour? Yes, we do. The amount of mails sent per hour is limited to 50 per user. We do this to minimize... Do you offer any anti-virus protection for emails? Yes, we do. This comes automatically with our mail system and requires nothing from you to make... How do I change my email password? To change the password on any email account, you'll first need to log into the account's... How do I change the outgoing mail port in outlook 2000? Go to 'tools', then 'email accounts'. Select 'view or change an existing account'. Select... How do I change the outgoing mail port in outlook express? In Outlook Express, select 'tools' from the top menu bar. Go to 'accounts'. Select the email... How do I create additional POP accounts and email forwarding? This can be done via your web control panel. Once you login, click on "Email -> Add/Remove... How do I set up Thunderbird for your servers? 1. In Mozilla Thunderbird , select Tools > Account Settings. 2. On the New Account Setup... I can receive mail, but I cannot send it. Can you tell me what's wrong? This problem has a number of common causes. Generally, unless you've received an announcement... I'm getting an " unrouteable mail domain " message when I send email. What's wrong? This error most often indicates that you have reached our limit for sending mail for the given... Is there a secure https login for Webmail? Yes, there is. Try: or YouÂ... My ISP blocks port 25. Can I still use your SMTP server to send mail? Yes, you can. Please try changing the port for SMTP in your mail client to port 26 OH MY GOD!!! My email isn't working? HELP PLEASE!! First off, relax. Take a deep breath. You're going to get an ulcer if you continue to be so... The Spam Assassin SpamBox So, you've tried to use the spam assassin spambox, eh? And you can't figure out the gibberish... What email clients can I use for my email accounts? What is your policy on SPAM? We take a very dim view of SPAM. It is one of the most annoying things encountered on the...
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