Brute force attempt A brute force attack is detected when someone repeatedly attempts (and fails) to login to a... Compromised Site Compromised Site Global WordPress Brute Force Attack Wordpress Login - Brute Force Attack There is a worldwide, highly-distributed... Global WordPress Brute Force Flood! How can I make a stronger password? Password Selection It is important to have a password that is easy to remember, but hard to... How can I prevent hacking? The most important thing to do is keep your passwords a secret. If you must give a password... How do I scan my site for malware using cpGuard? We at Smartweb Nigeria Limited, security is a high priority – that is why we automatically ‘live... How to Handle the Google Attack Page When you see the dreaded Google attack site warning, you should immediately email... How to Update a WordPress Plugin Step 1: Login to WordPress as AdministratorHopefully, you are already well-versed in logging into... Importance of having a Licensed SSL Certificate for your Website An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates a website's identity and enables... Internal Server Error! The internal server error may be caused by permission error, configurations, malicious traffic... My account was hacked! If you are the victim of a hacker, immediately email and our experts... Uploading and Security! Uploading and Security! Uploading through ftp or file manager is a simplest way to communicate... What happens to someone abusing system resources? The offending site will be suspended and the owner will be given an opportunity to fix the... What security measures are used to protect my server? We are protected from hackers and DDoS attack (UDP flood). We have an extensive custom firewall... Where can I report abuse and or spamming? To report any abusive site or activity, please email and our security... Why my IP blocked Our servers are setup to protect themselves if they perceive a threat by blocking the IP. There...
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