Can I use Front Page forms with my account?

Yes you can. These should work the same as any other Front Page published part of your web site.

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What are Front Page Extensions?

Front Page extensions refer to the specific method that Microsoft Front Page uses to update...

Which versions of Front Page do you support?

We support all Front Page versions from 2000 to the present.

Front Page Extensions are reporting as uninstalled. But they are, What's going on?

This error often crops up when extensions become corrupted. The usual solution is to uninstall...

How can I remove Front Page Extensions from my account?

This can be accomplished by clicking 'frontpage extensions' under the 'site management' header...

I get a 500 'internal server error' when I try to use Front Page. What gives?

Front Page extensions have a nasty habit of becoming corrupted. Usually, the most common cause...